2018 | documentary | DCP | color / b&w | 30min

A director who doesn’t know where he is going is looking for answers about an app where people meet for fighting. He gets to know disturbing, sympathetic users who seem to be of total different nature. Also there is the entrepreneur and inventor of the App is glorifying violence and advertises the app through short clips. Quickly a commonality among the users are getting clearer. They all unite the rush of adrenaline.

Leonel Dietsche
David Rose
Jakob Bieber
Rafael Horzon
Paul Müller
Jakob Müller
Elwin Chalabianlou
Paula Kroh
Gerdy Zint
Sebastian Lis
Elizabeth Ehrlich
Robert Maaser
Manuel Werling
Sylvester Salb
Campbell Caspary
Carolin Hauke 
Fritz Fölster
Daniel Kadler
Kerim Balli 
Justus Johanssen
Simon Körner

Produced by Jonatan Geller-Hartung
Directed by Ruben N. Meier
Editor – Oliver Stumpf
Cinematography– Jakob Weidner & Carolin Hauke
Sounddesign – Eric Lehmann
Rerecording Artist – Elisabeth Sommer & Michael Holz
Filmmusic – Robert Pilgram & Marcus Sander

© stills by Carolin Hauke & Jakob Weidner

Filmuniversity Babelsberg Konrad Wolf 2017