my own kind

2019 | fiction | 16mm| 24fps | color | 15min

Lilith recounts fragments of her life, that is governed by the expectations of others. She has silently accepted her fate – that of the functioning one. She watches her best friend escape the bleak town, while she remains, walking through the old, lonely house of her grandmothers, a child in her arm, being told there is nothing like motherhood. Lilith confides for the first time that she didn’t wantit. That she couldn’t love it. That she regrets not only its death but also its birth. But is it the obligation of a mother to love her child?

© Jan Philip Ernsting

Lilly Menke
Marisa Estelrich

Written & Produced by Jonatan Geller-Hartung
Written & Directed by Mirjam Khera
Cinematography – Jan Philip Ernsting
Edited by Marie Fontanel
Sounddesign – Till Aldinger
Production Design & Costumes – Marilena Büld
Rerecording Mixer – Michael Holz
Line Producer – Andrea Wohlfeil

© stills by Jan Philip Ernsting
Filmuniversity Babelsberg Konrad Wolf 2019

nominated for the german short film award 2019