Hausnummer Null

2024 | Documentary | 95min | 25fps | color
Chris lives with his buddy Alex at a suburban train station, cared for by his neighbors. A heroin addiction determines his everyday life and it seems impossible for him to free himself from this vicious circle. When he becomes increasingly worse and only just escapes death, he decides that he has to get off the streets and off heroin. But where to? How can a young man find his place in our society, even though he hasn’t fitted in – or wanted to fit in – anywhere since childhood?

directed by Lilith Kugler
produced by Jonatan Geller-Hartung
cinematography by Stephan M. Vogt
edited by David Mardones
original score – Valeriia Khazan
sounddesign – Tobias Adam
re-recording mix – Larisssa Kischk
color grading – Claudia Maneka Maharaj
titledesign – Antonia Nestler
executive Producers – Bettina Morlock; Rouven Rech; Teresa Renn
production companies – nowfilms & Torero Film
editorial TV – Sara Günter; ZDF / Das kleine Fernsehspiel

© stills by Stephan Vogt